Prescriptions from Luo Zhenfu

1937-1939年間的羅太醫藥方181張,全部由毛筆書寫。每張藥方大概記載藥物的組成、劑量,藥方的煎法和處方日期。其中,對某些中藥當時慣用的稱呼和特定的炮製方法格外引人注意。Prescriptions from Luo Zhenfu include 181 sheets in total. The prescriptions were prescribed between 1937-1939 and were written by Chinese calligraphy brush pen. Each sheet also records the composition and dosage of the Chinese medicine drugs, the decoction method and the date of the prescription. Among all, some common alternative names of the herbs and specific drug processing methods are especially attention calling.

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