City Hall, Central District 中環大會堂

Centre of Hong Kong’s civil activities in the early years and once a landmark on Central District’s waterfront, the City Hall is the first civic centre in Hong Kong. It houses a recital hall, an exhibition gallery, libraries and a marriage registry in its high block and a fine concert hall, a theatre, an exhibition hall and restaurants in its low block.大會堂是香港第一座文娛中心,曾是中環海旁的標記,亦是早期香港文化活動的集中地。大會堂高座設有演奏廳、展覽館、圖書館及婚姻註冊處,而低座則有設備完善的音樂廳、劇院、展覽廳及酒樓餐館等。
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