Aerial view of Hong Kong Academy for Permorming Arts 從空中鳥瞰香港演藝學院

Sitting on the Wan Chai waterfront, the magnificent Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts is one of the most famous buildings in Hong Kong. It is also the only local institute that offers professional training in the performing arts and related disciplines. Established in 1984, the academy provides those who wish to develop their careers in the field of performing arts and entertainment with training and study opportunities.香港演藝學院座落在灣仔海旁,校舍宏偉,是本港著名建築物之一,也是本港現時唯一一所提供演藝和有關科藝專業訓練的專上學院。演藝學院於1984年成立,為有志在表演和娛樂事業發展的人士,提供受訓和研習的機會。
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